Deck the halls with frangipani

After a big 2018, work and life wise we decided that we would do things differently this year and celebrate a tropical Christmas on the island of the gods.

This year has been a long and extremely frantic one personally & work wise, so we decided when the opportunity arose in my inbox, to take advantage of a great deal on airfares and head to Indonesia. It’s never been top of places for us to visit, but with such a good deal, we decided it was worth a trip.

Scuba diving, snorkelling and surfing will be top priorities this trip, as the kids have researched and found its super cheap to do both activities here in Indonesia. We will spend time in both Bali & Lombok.

Wishing you all days filled with love, exploration, travel and joy. Merry Christmas from Bali, x and thank you for being a part of our adventures.

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