Travelling sans children

With the kids off to India for 4 weeks, we have decided to make the most of it and remind ourselves of what travel was like pre children. Considering it was almost 17 years ago now, the excitement level could only be described as large! Of course there was always the thought that maybe we have forgotten how to travel as a couple, or behave in an upmarket restaurant, because let’s be honest, a night of fine dining is a rare occurrence at home as well.

We flew out a fortnight after the kids, which seemed like an eternity! Personally I was already mentally in Asia, when I said goodbye to the kids. With this being their first solo trip (albeit together) overseas, I think their excitement was at an all time high. I know Jemima had been ready to go for at least a month before their actual departure date.

Travelling the world is such a privilege. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to see so many different parts of the world – and that we have shared some of these experiences with the kids. Hopefully we have instilled confidence and curiosity in them that will hold them in good stead for their own travel experiences.

Of course the excitement for me starts months ahead, with the decision on where to go, and it builds as we lock in flights, accommodation and start to think about things we could do and see while at that destination.

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