A new dog for the family…

Unfortunately we had a tragic death in the family in the last couple of weeks with Frasier becoming very sick very fast, so we unfortunately had to have him put down very early in the morning on the 10th September. He was a lovely dog, which we were missing greatly, so a decision was made to get a death row puppy. We picked Tonka up yesterday in Wagga on our way home from Victoria where we had gone for the October long weekend school holidays.

We had a great visit with Melinda & Marc that weekend and celebrated Oliver’s 9th birthday down a mine shaft in Bendigo.

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Much to Oliver’s delight it also happened to be the AFL grand grand final weekend (after a draw the week before) so we spent the Saturday at the pub watching it on the big screen. Oliver was backing St Kilda all the way of course!

We had dropped in to meet Tonka on the way down a week ago so the kids were very excited to finally get to pick him up – even if it did involve a 6 hour drive back to Sydney!

So far so good he seems to be settling in and has claimed Jemima’s emirates animal puppets as his own. He is a english mastiff x rhodesian ridgeback and the vet cheerfully informed me today he thinks he should hit about 40kgs!

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